Building your perfect support tribe

Happy Tuesday! This week I’d like to discuss something that has literally SAVED me as an entrepreneur. I’ve said this often but the world of entrepreneurship can be a lonely place. And throw in the world of entrepreneurship once you actually start making money and thats a different story in itself. And in some of my toughest situations in business, having a support tribe around me was a business saver! Literally!


I’ve had situations come up that made me want to throw my hands up and say “Im done” LITERALLY! And, if it wasn’t for this support system of entrepreneurs who were seasoned and had been through a few things themselves I don’t know how I would have continued.

As dramatic as that sounds, having a support systems (friends that come through masterminding) in the industry is extremely beneficial when the times get tough.

So, where do you find these people?

Lets start with where NOT to find them.

One of the most common places that I’ve seen new entrepreneurs connect with friends in the industry and mastermind partners is free groups. I once was that person as well. I won’t beat around the bush here. DON’T. You both are in the same free groups, brand new and aren’t seasoned enough to be able to mastermind and definitely won’t be able to give you the right advice to help you through tough business situations.

I’ve found the BEST mastermind partners 2 ways. 

1. I looked around the industry at people who were seasoned, successful and inspired me. I watched them to see how they interacted with their clients publicly, their launches and the flow at which they did things. I then reached out and scheduled a conversations. These conversations were opportunities to see if we “clicked”, to see if she found me as seasoned, successful and inspiring and if so, continue on to weekly conversations, meet-ups, etc

2. PAID high end programs. One of the main benefits of joining a high end program is the quality of people you are going to meet. People who understand the power of investing in self AND is doing it. This usually is an entrepreneur who has either been around for a while or is SERIOUS about being around. They are committed to success and are committed to being around others who are as well. I have met some of my BEST business friends through high end paid mastermind. Just for the connections I will ALWAYS be apart of a high end mastermind.

These are the two best ways that I have personally found to find mastermind partners and support systems that works wonders. And, I have to say that those found through these means are absolutely priceless to me.

Your turn! Are you in a mastermind? How did you connect? Please leave your story in the comment section below. Ill be reading them personally and responding.



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