8 Investments that Changed Me as a Woman

I’ve been intending to write this post for quite some time. I don’t quite know what stopped me but I had clear resistance to it. Maybe it was fear of being judged for what many wouldn’t call “necessities” of life. Maybe it was fear of seeming materialistic. Either way it all came down to the fear of judgement.

I then remembered a couple of key points that were revealed to me about a year ago during my daily self care practice.

1. Its not about the "thing" that is being purchased but rather the feeling that thing evokes. Investing in something either tangible or non-tangible should leave you feeling high energy and full of life. You should feel a sense of freedom and when you're left with that feeling, then and only then are you really living a freedom based life.

2. I was put here, in this world, in this body, during this time to show what is truly possible in life. To show what happens when you move through life with an abundance mindset, when you truly believe that all is provided for you regardless of what the human eye sees.

I was inspired to write this post by Tonya Leigh, the beauty and brains behind the French Kiss Life movement. I'd seen Tonya around the industry but it wasn't until a mutual friend raved about her brand that I really stopped to pay attention. The very first blog post I read of Tonya's was the 8 Investments that changed her as a woman and I knew I HAD to follow in line.

I have to say that coming up for 8 was a bit difficult. There were things that I wouldn't have considered having changed me until I put some true thought into it but changed me, each of them did in their own ways.

1. Investing in quality lingerie

I can't speak for anyone else here but for me, as a "busty" woman, bra's have been a pain for as long as I can remember. Many ill fitting, spillage out the top or sides, to thin or to thick straps I suffered for years. In college I went for a proper bra fitting, purchasing one then but brushing off ever purchasing more because "its silly to spend over $100 on one bra". The years following were filled with more ill fitting bras that I brushed off as being the life of the "busty woman" until as little as a year ago. I decided that it was worth spending $1000+ to go into a lingerie shop and purchasing several beautiful pieces that actually fit appropriately.

How it changed me as a woman

Not only was my neck and back happier but I exuded a confidence from deep within. Because my foundations fit properly, I felt more comfortable in my outerwear. Along with that confidence in clothing came more confidence in business and we all know how wonderful that is on the bottom line!

2. Investing in weekly flower delivery

There is just something about flowers that light up my life and lift my spirits. Its said that fresh flowers on your bedside table absorbs the negative energy while you sleep. I don't know how true that is, but I know that when I wake up in the mornings, roll over and see my vase full of fresh flowers it puts a pep in my step for the morning.

On my bedside table, in my office, in the family room and kitchen, fresh flowers are replenished in my home every week and has been for almost two years now.

The delivery part was a bit tricky while traveling but there was always a local flower shop around to pick up some fresh flowers for our digs no matter what country we were in.

Having fresh flowers in my home brought a sense of peace that at some of the worst times in my life were definitely needed.

How it changed me as a woman

Having fresh flowers changed me as a woman because I realized that just like what society views of women, something soft and delicate can make a major difference in the energy on a room and in the world.

As I have grown my business to amazing levels that at one point I would have never dreamed of, I realized that million dollar earning coaches, authors, consultants, etc all have 4 common characteristics. By understanding these characteristics and adopting them, you too could be well on your way to an uber successful expert business. Check out those 4 common characteristics here.

3. Investing in International Travel

For years I dreamed of the days that I would be able to travel to Italy, somewhere I'd felt a connection since a small child yet had never traveled. I would go to the library and check out every book I could get my hands on that had anything to do with traveling through the Italian countryside. I'd day dream about going but deep down I felt sadness as I couldn't understand how I'd ever be able to live that type of life.

I was under the impression that in order to travel through Italy and really enjoy I'd need thousands of thousands a month and would need to be multi millionaire. After all, I didn't know anyone personally who could pack up and go without knowing a return date or having a return ticket.

About 4 years ago I decided that I was going start traveling internationally. I didn't have a budget. I didn't make enough at that time to create a budget BUT I knew I was going.

I didn't drive myself crazy with planning. I was really trusting that because I wanted to travel so bad that the way would be made.

The first step was to buy the plane tickets. Check.

Though I had no idea where I'd be staying, tickets were bought to Lisbon and Id figure the rest out later. No it wasn't Italy yet. I was taking it step by step.

Once the tickets were purchased I KNEW that a place to stay and the money to pay for it HAD to show up. I didn't know how but it did. 48 hours before my plane was to leave, someone purchased a digital program that I had online. Just enough to cover the cost of my hotel room for 5 days.

Place to stay. Check.

The next step was spending money. Of course I had to eat at minimum while there. The day before leaving, a small check was deposited in my account for $375 from a company that I'd listed several ebooks with about a year before. I'd never received a payment from them because there had to be a minimum before they made direct deposits so I definitely wasn't expecting this.

A bit of spending money? Check.

Now, I know you may be thinking this wasn't enough to spend BUT I came home with money left. I spent my time enjoying the country and eating local which was very affordable. And I have to say, I had an amazing time!

How this changed me as a woman?

This trip showed me proof positive that the Universe provides all that I need if I truly had trust. For years I spoke of faith but this was the first situation where I truly showed faith. Proof positive that I could do and achieve anything. Since then Ive traveled to over 15 different countries with my son and sometimes a nanny and never has the thought of lack crossed my mind. I never bothered to have a certain amount in the bank, it was never my concern as I knew, proof positive that I'd always be provided for.

4. Investing in flying First Class

I'd been flying for years. Id walk on the plane, walk past first class and wondered what it would be like to sit there. I'd thought once or twice about asking for an upgrade and if I did the answer was usually no.

Two years ago I flew into Arizona to have an intensive with a money coach and as I was leaving she asked me why I flew coach. I really didn't have an answer for her other than "well, they never gave me an upgrade".

You see, it never occurred to me to purchase a first class ticket. I'd never looked at the pricing. I just assumed it was completely out of reach so purchasing never crossed my mind.

She suggested that on the way on my return trip I upgrade. I didn't want to BUT I trusted her (after all, I'd just gave her 3k to help me with money issues as a woman). On the way home, I paid for the upgrade and my travel life has been different ever since.

The up-leveled experienced changed the way I look at flying. There is a clear difference between coach and first class. From the roomy seats, to the service and to the amazing people you can meet doing BIG things in the world (if you aren't like me and usually fall asleep 5 mins after takeoff).

I now automatically book first class tickets without looking at the coach price. I didn't wait until I felt that I could afford it to do so. I started doing so and I then became able to afford it.

How it changed me as a woman

I realized that I am worth the up-leveled experience. That I love luxury. I love the flight attendants knowing me by name. I enjoy them asking to take my blazer or jacket and hang it for me. I enjoy having a drink while the plane is still loading. The over all up-leveled experience isn't just an enjoyment, it is meant for me. Everyday, in every part of my life. First class has become my way of living.

5. Investing in a quality wardrobe

This one is a biggie as I was the queen of "it doesn't matter. They all look the same anyway". Until my friend Cherise B helped me see the lackful thoughts in that. As an image consultant she knows first hand the power of wearing quality clothing. After purchasing a DVF dress about 2 years ago, I have worked to ensure that each piece I purchase is a timeless, quality piece that I can be proud of even a year from now. The fact is, there is a clear difference between a dress from Rainbow and one from Neiman's. There's a difference in the look, the feel, the stitching, the smell, the amount of washes you can get before it falls apart and most importantly, the feeling you feel while wearing it.

How this has changed me as a woman

I understand that I am worth quality clothing. That as a timeless quality woman, my clothes should evoke that as well. Purchasing quality clothing gives me the confidence to stand in front of a room of 1 or 1000 knowing my dress will hang correctly and hit the right spots, to stand in front of a camera and look amazing. I thought I was doing this before BUT you don't quite know what you're missing until you purchase that first piece of quality clothing and put it on. Then, you'll feel the difference

Having a successful business encompasses several pieces. You must be great at your craft but that alone is not enough to generate revenue and go from being a "hobby" to a successful business owner. You must have new eyes on your brand and your message DAILY in order to attract qualified leads and close sales. That comes from having a proven business structure and a detailed marketing plan. If you're ready to stop throwing cooked spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks and ready to create a REAL plan to grow your business, apply here for a complimentary strategy session where we can help you discover the next steps you should take to grow your business.

6. Investing in a Private Chef

This started in Italy in October of 2014 when an Italian lady came into our home and whipped up delightfulness. The scents that emerged from that home were amazing and the taste...OMG! That day I was able to host a private VIP intensive for a client, spend time with Caden and come home to an amazing meal. That day changed my life.

I love to cook. I love to entertain. But as an entrepreneur sometime I want someone else to do it for me. The time that I am cooking is time that I could be spending with my little one.

So, about 3x a week I now have a private chef come into my home and prepare dinner. As small as this seems, this has been a life changer.

How this has changed me as a woman

Simply put, I now have more free time to spend with my family and I cook when I feel like it instead of because I have to.

7. Investing in 2x per week massages

While living in Bali, I'd head to the spa for massages at minimum of 2x per week. One of the things that I hated most about leaving was giving up those massages. At $12 USD for an hour long massage, I'd never get that in Europe or in the states. I was truly saddened until I realized that I COULD get massages just as frequent. Sure, they wouldn't be $12 but that thinking was coming from a place of lack instead of a place of abundance. Just like anything else, if its a true desire, money will never be an issue.

How its changed me as a woman

Since coming back to the United States, 2x per week massages have become apart of my regular routine. I have much less stress and feel revived and energized to show up as an entrepreneur and as a mother. Truly investing in my self care has made me better at both.

8. Investing in coaching, mentorship and masterminds

I've been studying and working on self development for the last five years. Youtube videos, books, audios. But it wasn't until I spent that first $5k that I saw the big change.

Since then I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (literally) into high ticket coaching for personal development and business. I currently am involved in a high ticket program, 1 high level mastermind and have bought countless digital programs.

In November I will be embarking on a trip with an invite only society of entrepreneurs and big thinkers (Think Oprah, Richard Branson, Marie Forleo just to name a small few) who network together for 4 days every 4 years. Yes its invite only but there is a hefty price tag on it as well.

Im currently in a wine class to learn more about wine and pairings, Im constantly taking classes and learning more about lifestyle.

How it changed me as a woman

You see, investing in myself is something that I realized will pay me huge dividends. But not just in money. My entire mindset has completely changed since making that first investment in myself.

Just like the trip to Lisbon, investing in myself opened me up to realizing how much more is really truly possible. It opened me to knowing that I truly can manifest ANYTHING that I desire, be it a castle, or a button (The words of Abraham Hicks), be it $100 or $1,000,000 its all more than attainable.

Now its your turn

What is the biggest investments that you've made and how have they changed you? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below.



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