How to build trust with prospects using social media

Diversification with social media can help build trust with your audience and prospective clients with ease. Unfortunately many business owners struggle with exactly what diversification in social media is and how to do it in a way that feels natural and attracts social media diversificationideal clients.

I like most likely you, use to post the same content on each of my social media platforms. Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc I’d post the same info on so that followers on each account could benefit. I then, through a series of events discovered that many of those that follow me, stopped on other platforms because the figured “why follow her here? I follow here on the other platform and she posts the same info in both places”.

This is when I brought in diversification in social media.

In today’s video, I will share with you what diversification in social media is, why to do so and I will walk you through my platforms to show you exactly how I do this.

Having a successful business encompasses several pieces. You must be great at your craft but that alone is not enough to generate revenue and go from being a "hobby" to a successful business owner. You must have new eyes on your brand and your message DAILY in order to attract qualified leads and close sales. That comes from having a proven business structure and a detailed marketing plan. If you're ready to stop throwing cooked spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks and ready to create a REAL plan to grow your business, apply here for a complimentary strategy session where we can help you discover the next steps you should take to grow your business.



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