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Message from She’s Iconic™ Founder, Stephanie Synclair

Hey ladies, I am THRILLED to finally have She’s Iconic™ membership platform live, up and running and in action. It has been a brainchild of mine for a while. Like many of you, I am not only a full time entrepreneur, but also a mother, mate, daughter, sister, mentor and friend. And if life wasn’t busy enough, here I am deciding that I need to add one more thing to the plate. But this is the thing…. THIS, She’s Iconic™ is a culmination of all that I am and all that I’ve worked for through the years.

In Jan 2015 as I sat in Malta in meditation, I heard the words clearly, “You are here to show what is Stephanie Laughing EDITEDpossible through me”. I must admit that it slightly freaked me out a bit but I had been on a journey through my year of traveling through Europe to discover exactly what my full purpose was.

Yes, I’d built this amazing business. Yes, my clients where transforming not their businesses but their lives but I knew deep down that there must be more. And with one sentence, it was revealed to me on a chilly day on this small island just south of Italy.

I wasn’t sure how it was all going to come to play….how I was going to show the wonders that can happen in your life when you simply allow but I knew that it was a must.

Even now, as we launch She’s Iconic™ website and The Society membership platform, I’m not sure how this all is going to unfold. What I do know for certain is that THIS is now your iconic home. Its the place where you can come find non-judgmental likeminded women, who understand that we are more and that we were meant for more.

What I know for sure is that this will be a home for you to get the support that is needed, trainings, conversations and community covering not just business, but mindset, wealth building, health, parenting and so much more….

Because as ICONIC women, we are more.

I’d like to welcome you to…

She’s Iconic



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