6 hacks to get more done BEFORE noon

get more done before noon

Despite what many may think, I am NOT a morning person.

Until about this time last year, it was my usual routine to wake up between 10am and noon… seriously.

But, since being back in the states, something has completely changed and most of the time (Unless I’ve had a really late night), I am wide awake before 7am without an alarm clock. Yes, I know for many that seems late but for the notorious late sleeper, that is like getting up with the roosters!

Though I am the first to admit, I am not the morning person, I am also the first to admit that if I follow a few specific steps, I get more done in 1 day before noon than I’d previously get done in a week, SERIOUSLY.

So whats the secret?

I am going to share a few productivity hacks that go a LONG way if you’re not a natural early bird.

  1. Ditch the alarm clock. Unless you have to be somewhere before the crack of dawn, don’t set alarm clocks… at least not the traditional ones. I think they were created by satan himself. This is the thing…our bodies are smart. Much smarter than we give it credit for. When its done resting, it wakes naturally. But lets suppose you’re like me and you are usually a late sleeper. What can you do to wake up without the loud, annoying sounds of an alarm clock? First, I open my blinds right before bed. Traditionally I have been the blackout curtain girl. But the fact is the body was created to function a certain way. When the sun goes down, we should start preparing to go down and when the sun comes up it becomes natures alarm clock. The wonderful thing about the sun is it truly energizes you and prepares you to take on the day! Second, if you’re not fond of the sun shining in and waking you, I also use an amazing app that starts my day off perfectly. Its called Alarm Clock Sleep sounds for IOS and it wakes you to soothing nature sounds, followed by a guidedbeing productive in the morning meditation for gentle awakening. I HIGHLY recommend it.
  2. 10 minute meditation. Its super quick but clearing your mind BEFORE you pick up the phone to check social media is a MUST. Studies have shown that morning meditation allows you to be more productive throughout the day. Not much of a meditator?? No worries… Take about 10 mins to read a book or simply sit in quiet. Its amazing what this practice does.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar. This one shocks people BUT a small glass of ACV in water first thing in the morning not only does amazingness for your digestive track but also gives you a big burst of energy. I generally use 2 tbs of ACV (specifically Braggs with the “mother” in it) in about 8oz of water. Takes a bit getting use to the flavor but after a year of faithfully drinking it, I have to say…. I actually like it now!!!!
  4. Get the serious and time consuming things out of the way first. There are a few things that only I can do in my business like recording modules, videos and other content. I am KNOWN to be a procrastinator.. seriously… Ill create content at midnight which isn’t when the brain is at its best. So, when you start working, start with those things which may not be the first things you actually want to do first saving things like checking emails, social media and meetings for later in the day.
  5. Prepare the night before. I remember my mother always telling me to lay my clothes out the night before school. I hated it. Im not a natural planner. Im the wild child who like to randomly pick things in the morning. The problem with doing this in business is you’re often a bit hurried and unsure what you should be doing. SO, you end up with more “busy work” as opposed to focused revenue generating activities. Its a huge reason why I started using the Productivity Planner and Goal Book. Its been a huge life changer. My week is usually planned out with exactly what I need to accomplish each day with in my business so there is never any guess work, I don’t forget anything and I am always productive.
  6. Ditch the list. For some lists work. For most they don’t. Heres a list with 30 things you need to get done that day. The end of the day comes and you’ve accomplished 2. Instead of lists, prioritize which again leads back to why I created the Productivity Planner and Goal Book. You create 2-4 things a day MAX. No more no less and you get it all done.

These are a few of my tips and tricks to being amazingly productive in the morning. I’d love to hear from you. What do you do to be your most productive self in the mornings? Let me know down in the chat box! 

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