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The secret to being happy…NOW

Have you ever noticed how one positive or negative event/situation in your life can create ripples into the rest of your day or week?? You know…that moment in the morning as you’re rushing to start your day and someone or something stirs some negative emotion within you. You then move into the morning and that feeling has not left, even though the issue is long gone. That feeling then keeps the momentum flowing for more negative experiences to show up…you can’t find a parking space, those you encounter also seem to have a bad attitude, and it’s just one thing after another.

Same is true when you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum. Your day starts out great, you’re happy, things are flowing, and as you move through the day you find that things are consistently working out for you.

Positive mind (2)If you’ve never considered this, think about for a moment those around you that are often happy and have a positive outlook on life, and those that do not. There is a clear relationship to how well their life is going and the emotions that they are often feeling.

We know from personal experience, and with working with our clients, that happiness and that “good feeling place” is a daily choice, and is directly related to how quickly you can move yourself from a negative vibe to a positive one. People often think that when I get this job, or I lose this amount of weight, or I meet my soul mate, I will then be happy, but the truth is you will never get there from that belief system. You will find yourself stuck in a quick sand of negativity, and unable to move forward in many areas of your life.

The reality is that finding that happy place is about focus, a whole lotta gratitude, and staying there as much as possible. Creating those positive thoughts and emotions will eventually create the momentum for more of what you desire to flow to you.

That feeling of happiness, joy, and wellness in your life has to be NOW. The more you stay stuck in the “when this happens, I will feel better” the more you push it away and prolong it from showing up in your life.

So, we are challenging you over the next couple weeks to really pay attention to that mind chatter you have going on. Is it helping you to create the life you desire, or is it leaving you stuck in some negative vibe??

Reframing that mindset and creating those affirmations are a big part of our lifestyle transformation programs. They are HUGE game changers, and really set you up creating a life you LOVE!

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The OSO Sisters (Om Sweet Om Sisters) are not just sisters, but also best friends, 20529458274_60c7d596b6_z (2) (1)business partners, and designers of a life they LOVE! Through their own personal growth and transformations they have learned amazing tools for not just getting them through life’s challenges, but doing so with grace and love. Their passion is now “sharing the love” with their clients, through successful lifestyle transformation programs and their own line of designer organic meditation cushions.



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