Right now, at this moment, where you are is exactly where you want to be

When you want something different

I remember the first time I heard that statement…

“Right now, at this moment, where you are is exactly where you want to be”

It felt like a total crock of bull ish to me.

I was in a job that I hated….. I know, hate is a strong word… but I seriously despised going in day after day.

On my Saturday off days I’d be mentally and emotionally stressed from the week and didn’t want to do much and on Sundays I was stressed because I had to go back the next day.

Though my salary was a bit more than the average American, I was still “robbing from Peter to pay Paul”.

My sons day care per month was more than my rent.

There were months that I had to let a utility bill go late just to get another one paid.

And though I liked the work that I did, I despised the company, the tactics and the box that I felt trapped in day in and day out.

I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was meant for more. I couldn’t imagine life going on like that.

I had faith that something would change. I kept going to work…waiting for that change.

And here this person is saying that where I am is where I want to be? Those sounded like fighting words to me!

Today, I understand that statement fully.

The fact is, I was there because I wanted to be.

Because when I no longer wanted to be….I wasn’t.

You see, situations don’t change with out one thing changing first…


When you change, you think differently. You see the world out of different lenses.

And when you see life differently, you take different actions.

Fear no longer stops you, because you see the outcomes differently.

You’re an optimist instead of a pessimist

And when your actions change, the results change and resulting situation will change.

I didn’t consciously know this before I made the initial change.

The pain of being where I was, was so great that the pain of the unknown was no longer the thing I feared.

That pain forced me to take action…. action others called foolish…. action others laughed at… and action that a few months later led me to loose everything..

But let me tell you something…. often what seems like “loosing” is you getting rid of what isn’t for you so you can fully take hold of what is.

I lost my apartment and my car

Less than a year later I was running a 6 figure business

2 years later I had a regular segment on the local news talking about business success.

2 years later my company was doing multiple 6 figures with ease

3 years later I was traveling the world, first class, with a nanny non-stop for a year.

3 years later I was hosting meet ups with entrepreneurs around the world…

4 years later, I became a content provider for Entrepreneur Magazine, hosted my own syndicated radio show, hosted live events world wide and was featured in the Huffington Post.

I could go on and on… but I’m sure you get it…

I don’t miss that apartment or that car!

I live in a 7 bedroom home in a gated community!

When I travel, I travel in luxury, flying first class and often on private jets.

So the very thing that I was fearful of losing…. I never think about, because life is better than ever imaged.

When I DECIDED that I wanted something different, I took different actions and created something different.

Let me ask you,

Is there anything in your life that you are unhappy with? What can you do NOW to start changing that situation?


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