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3 reasons entrepreneur’s should drink Beyonce’s Lemonade

I’ve kept pretty quiet about this.

While the world around me talked about it’s release, with rumors flying and with dialog about it popping up at every turn, mum was the word in my corner.

Except for one lone Facebook post…

“To create a piece of work that doesn’t leave everyone speechless but instead starts a dialog… thats art”

I am talking about Beyonce’s newest project, Lemonade.

Lemonade conversation

Unless you’ve been on planet Mars, you know that on April 23rd, Beyonce released her HBO special Lemonade, followed by immediately releasing an album of the same name.

Within hours everyone was talking about it.

I heard everything from “This is her best work yet” to “Oh my God, Jay’s cheating”

Speculation began to fly from every corner while many found solace and healing in the album.

Because I’m slightly obsessed with marketing, I decided to sit back and pay attention to exactly what was going on and decipher what entrepreneur’s can gleam out of this project.

In addition to the creative influence of the project, (Because whenever I listen to a Beyonce album I get hella inspired… don’t you?) there are a few more things that entrepreneur’s worldwide can adopt from the way Beyonce has done, Lemonade.

drink up

  1. Silence is golden. One of the things that I’ve noticed from not just this project, but past projects of Beyonce’s is the silence that surrounds all she does. She has a tight lock on what she has planned, especially when it is something that is going to break records and defy odds. In my upcoming book, Shut up and Do the Work, I talk about entrepreneur’s, or aspiring, who would rather talk about what they are going to do than to move forward and do it. The sign of success is doing, not talking, and Beyonce exemplifies that over and over with her projects.
  2. Move regardless of fear. Beyonce is one of the few celebrities who is known for her privacy. Beyonce and Jay-Z were married several years before she publicly discussed their relationship, and even then, the use of the word “discussed” may be a stretch. I’m sure that Beyonce knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that releasing this album would have accusations flying. And I am sure that a woman like Beyonce, to whom privacy is most important, was fearful on some level about what would happen after the release. Yet, she released it anyway opening herself and her relationship up to speculation that is still being discussed weeks later. But along with that speculation has come sold out tours and Beyonce being on the #1 relevancy list. One of my favorite sayings is “Leap and the net will appear”. Fear is the killer for many “would be entrepreneurs” or entrepreneur’s wanting to stand up and stand in their power. Fear of failure, criticism and rejection stops them from moving forward. But as powerful beings put on this earth to make a big difference, we must look fear in the face, laugh at it and keep it moving!
  3. The art comes first. Though I am sure Beyonce experienced massive amounts of fear and anxiety initially around releasing something that would open her up to massive criticism, she decided that the art must be shown. For Beyonce, her art and the affect it has on her audience comes first. THAT is what is important to her. So despite the fear, despite police boycotting her shows and massive tear downs on social media, this golden girl who is known to “play it safe”, said “fuck it..the art comes first”. For you, your art may not be belting a song that will make tears stream down your face, it may be you teaching your students something, or you designing a dress or for me, sharing the message of entrepreneurship. But, regardless of what your art is, it should come first. Because as artists we were put on this earth to fulfill a purpose. And holding back to remain the “good girl” or “good guy” doesn’t align with the powerful person you were put on this earth to be. After all, there was a reason Beyonce’s song Formation ended in “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper”

You see, Beyonce and her project Lemonade holds powerful lessons that will take the entrepreneur far if only you’re willing to look deeper.

Stephanie Synclair is a 7 figure earning entrepreneur, author and philanthropist helping fb profile pic Janwomen world wide step into their full power, embrace entrepreneurship and quantum leap their revenue like a boss! You can connect with Stephanie on her facebook page where she is highly active, hosts live trainings and talks and actively engages with her fans.



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  • Robin May 14, 2016 at 1:14 am

    So after reading this article, I added a little Lemon to my fragrant Jasmine Green Tea. Though I’m not a Bee in Beyonce’s hive, I respect anybody’s swagger who flips the game in their favor, and she has found the Honey to turn Yellow lemonade in to a social media Mean Green Money machine! And, for that, I will put some respeck on her name and yours, for the inspiration and wisdom you’ve shared. Well done, Stephanie!!!


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