I thought I was gonna be the tanned Katie Couric

Growing up, I thought I’d be the next Oprah or maybe Katie Couric. I was seriously obsessed.

As an adult what I realized I was REALLY obsessed with wasn’t the people themselves but their brand, their marketing. How did they become the bigger than life versions of themselves that they’d become?

This obsession carried on to other brands as well (Apple, the Kardashians, the Hiltons, OMB Promo for siteStarbucks and more) and this obsession helped me skyrocket in Corporate America.

Today, that same obsession has helped me amass a loyal following (and a multi million dollar company) using the techniques I discovered studying these personal brands, my work in corporate America and my years of experience implementing these strategies in my own business and the businesses of my clients.

June 13 and 14th I’ll be hosting a LIVE virtual workshop, Orgasmic Marketing, where I’ll be sharing with you exactly what these 50 plus strategies are and how to implement them in your business.

You’ll walk away with an exact step by step plan of what you to do next in your business.

I see a lot of people attempt to do Facebook ads, create a podcast, write a book, etc but they haven’t put the marketing principles in place to get the most out of these opportunities… they completely skip Orgasmic marketing. And, the thing is, if you skip this, you’ll miss out on all the client and customers ready and waiting for you right now!!!

Its time to get orgasmic in your business.
Orgasmic Marketing Bootcamp




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