2 Top Ways to Close Sales WITHOUT a phone call

You don’t need to have a phone conversation to close a sale… you simply need a phone ~Stephanie

Im old school… for real.

Today, I still hop on the phone with prospects to see if they’re a good fit for one of my ICONIC programs or systems.

But, what if you hate talking on the phone?

Or if you’ve simply gotten burned out on sales call as I have from time to time?

Does that mean you’re out of options and you simply won’t have sales rolling in?

Of course not!

In today’s time of technology, the options are endless in which you can close a high ticket sale without ever having a phone conversation with the prospect.

Today I will be detailing 2 of my most favorite ways to do so.

Chat messages: Over the last 2 years I’ve closed more high ticket sales in my chat box on social media than any other “non phone conversation” way. And I have to say, its my #1 way of doing so. Why is this method one of my favorites? First, they are already online. Lets face it, more people spend more time online on social media than ever before. Its the changing world we live in and what better way to close a sale than to meet people where they already are. Prospects feel extremely comfortable hitting me up online and jumping into conversation with me. And, many chat platforms also have the ability to send audio messages which also makes the chat option even better.

Text messages: This truly surprises people. Especially if you know that I hate text… really. But one thing that I am very well aware of is that my audience read their text and reply to their text. Its comfortable and can be done from anywhere.

Truth: Selling with these methods are only growing day by day and if you haven’t started using these methods, you’re seriously missing out.

An added note: I am often asked why I don’t carry business cards. My cell phone is my business card. At the click of a finger I can send you a text or request you on social media making it more likely that you’ll actually get in touch.

I suggest you master phone sales but also be open to these other sales methods. Any method you shut the door on is money that you’ve said “no” to.

If you’re looking for a bit more personal help, I am looking for some bad ass peeps to work with who are looking to carve out their own ICONIC power. If you’re serious about making massive change in your business, head to FreeCallWithStephanie.com and apply for a private conversation



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