4 Characteristics of Millionaire Coaches

Two Women Enjoying. Selective focus on brunette.

Two Women Enjoying. Selective focus on brunette.

I often get new coaches, authors and experts of every kind telling me how “lucky” I am. In
a period of 3-4 years, I have created a successful company that helps entrepreneurs create irresistible marketing strategies, generate new leads and close sales. In the last 12 months I’ve traveled to over 15 countries running my business globally with a small team._DSC4094 1200x628

I have to tell you though that there is 1 thing that bothers me a bit. When others tell me how “lucky” I am implying that I am somehow different than they are.

The fact is, I am no different than anyone else and I set out to pull out a few characteristics of those that really do amazing in the expert industry and those that struggle.

I have carefully compiled the 4 characteristics of millionaire experts that you too can adopt in order to get closer to your millionaire expert dream.

Having a successful business encompasses several pieces. You must be great at your craft but that alone is not enough to generate revenue and go from being a “hobby” to a successful business owner. You must have new eyes on your brand and your message DAILY in order to attract qualified leads and close sales. That comes from having a proven business structure and a detailed marketing plan. If you’re ready to stop throwing cooked spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks and ready to create a REAL plan to grow your business, apply here for a complimentary strategy session where we can help you discover the next steps you should take to grow your business.

4 Characteristics of Million Dollar Earning Coaches

1. Belief that a million dollar company is possible

Million dollar earning coaches, authors and experts of every kind did not “slip” onto millionaire status. Of all the million dollar earning entrepreneurs that I’ve spoken with, they each were INTENTIONAL in their success. They knew exactly what they wanted financially for their business and believed that it was possible.

2. Daily active focus on generating revenue

Million dollar earning coaches, authors and experts take steps every single day that lead them to their goal of generating million dollars in revenue. This means that they focus on revenue generating activities and leave activities that don’t connect directly to revenue to someone else. Million dollar earners understand that in order to grow revenue the focus has to be on daily growth and they understand that they can’t afford to concentrate on anything else related to business. This means hiring before you are ready and looking at every task and asking “will this generate revenue”/

3. Surrounding themselves with other successful entrepreneurs

Million dollar earning coaches, authors and experts spare no expense in investing in their network. This means investing in their own high level coaches, masterminds, professional organizations, etc. They understand that network determines your net-worth and ensure that their network is one worthy of the net worth that they desire. Surrounding themselves with other successful entrepreneurs and their own high level coaches gave them the ability to get solutions to problems and have an expert key in on areas that they know they don’t have expertise in. And millionaires don’t wait until they earn a million dollars to do so. Investing in themselves before they could afford it, afforded them the millionaire status.

4. Are bridge builders

Million dollar earning coaches, authors and experts are natural bridge builders. Instead of thinking of all the ways their ideas don’t or won’t work, they come up with all the way and reasons they will work. When they get a no, they understand that its not permanent, that a no can easily become a yes. And, they are ready and willing to build a bridge to that yes. If you look at many well known millionaire entrepreneurs you will notice that many come from meager beginnings. But meager beginnings didn’t stop them from succeeding. They understood that a no can easily become a yes, and they were willing to keep going until they figured out how

A key in the success of building a multi-six figure or seven figure earning expert business is being crystal clear on what it takes to achieve your goals faster than ever. With the expert industry being the second fastest growing industry behind tech, its important that you stay ahead of the curve and stake your claim as an industry leader NOW. Here I’ve given you the exact details of what it takes to achieve your goals faster than ever before.

Becoming a million dollar earning entrepreneur may seem far away but within 3 years of getting your systems and structures in place and having a proven business structure, you too can have your million dollar coaching business.

Remember, to become a millionaire coach tomorrow, you must be willing to embody a millionaire coach today.




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