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I talk to a lot of people who start the conversation out telling me that they want individual 1:1 training. I start the conversation out saying that I don’t offer 1:1 packages.

I’ve learned through the years that the people who desire the 1:1 and are hell bent on it are usually the people who aren’t doing so well in their business. They aren’t attracting the clients they want, they aren’t closing deals and they aren’t making money.

They live in this “I am special and I need 1:1” world. Maybe they will find it, maybe they won’t but what I know for sure is that successful entrepreneurs thrive in group settings.

That was part of the reason I moved my business to the “all group” format.

At a point when I wanted to increase my revenue, I went searching for a 1:1 consultant to help me find the holes in my business.

What I found was an amazing group with over 90 entrepreneurs, half of which were doing20150812_135637over 100k a month consistently in their business. Initially I was a bit hesitant because like many, I thought I needed 1:1. But after realizing the vast number of members of this group who were doing amazing month after month in their business, I knew it must be something with the group.

When talking to other successful entrepreneurs, they all agreed with the conclusion I came up with after participating in multiple group programs myself.

Strategy and training is only a portion of what it takes to be successful. Accountability and community makes up the rest.

And this is one HUGE secret that the successful entrepreneurs already know!

You participating in groups and you providing groups is a cornerstone of what will make you successful. Not just because of the fact that you are offering a better chance for your client to actually succeed but because of the leverage it allows you for time freedom.

Imagine, running a group course with 10 to 30 people at one time.

Imagine, 1 coaching call a week as opposed to 10 to 30.

Imagine, charging what you desire for this and ACTUALLY GETTING IT because you have the expertise to back it up.

It is all possible.

The ability to create and fill high ticket groups comes from the ability to dominate your piece of the industry. The ability to step up, be visible and be seen as a leader is Dominate your industryparamount and in my new free training I share with you exactly how you can do just that. Dominate your industry, demolish competition and stand out from the crowd.Access the free training here. 

One of the things I hear often is “Stephanie, I have tried to create a group. I couldn’t fill it and had to cancel the group”.

I certainly understand this. There is an art to filling group programs, specifically high ticket group programs. An art that I have mastered over the last few years of running my business.

Earlier this year (Feb to be exact), I more than doubled my rates. I started working with less people for more money and my income more than doubled.

I then taught my clients to do the same resulting in full programs and more revenue in a short period of time than they ever thought possible.

The fact is, if you are serious about providing true transformation to your clients, you MUST be willing to drop your ego about groups, provide the support they need through accountability and community, and sell out your programs.

Its time for you to leap!

Stephanie Synclair








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