The Single Most Important Strategy to Filling your Programs

I have been in this industry for quite some time, and when I tell you “I’ve seen and tried it_DSC4094 1200x628all”, trust me. I’ve launched over 50 programs or products and only in the last two years mastered exactly how to fill those programs.

So far in 2015 alone, I’ve filled 6 of my Elite coaching programs with 7 to 10 women each at a price point of $10,000.


I hear many women say to me that its impossible to fill high ticket programs and I am here to tell you first hand that there is no such thing as impossible. As a matter of fact it is quite easy if you know exactly what to do.

In my time creating and filling high ticket programs I’ve created a blueprint with multiple strategies to fill a program and today I want to give you insight into one of those ways.

I can tell you that it is somewhat of an industry secret.

If you look at the multi million dollar players, they ALL implement this into their business strategy consistently.

And I can tell you that this strategy will work for you even if you are brand new in your industry and do not have a list at all!!!!!

Its hosting small workshops or large live events.

Now, let me just be clear… I am not the large event girl. All of my live workshops tend to be 10-15 people and are highly profitable.

Right now the craze seems to be webinars and they are cool, but do you know the conversion of a webinar?

The average is 2% and if you get 10%, honey you’re one lucky lady because it doesn’t happen often.

But do you know the average close of a small live event?

50% to 80%

Shocking huh?

Well don’t be shocked!

Its again the reason that all high ticket multi 7 figure earners all implement this in their strategy

And the reason that I’ve held 5 live events this year alone.

And one of the reasons that I fill my programs.

The biggest issue I’ve seen with my clients who haven’t held events yet is fear. They feel they aren’t ready because they don’t have an audience and I am here to tell you that is the biggest mistake you can make!!!! Even if you have never had a client, hosting live events and workshops can fill your client roster faster than ever and creating a multi six figure business year one isn’t just possible, its highly doable!!!!!

There is a science behind creating these live events and workshops though and I know you are feeling a bit ill thinking of putting one on. So, I have created a free PDF E-guide to walk you through creating and hosting your first workshop.

Following these steps you can host your first workshop in the next 2 to 3 weeks and be signing 2 to 3 clients on the spot!!!!!

Don’t believe me? Just try it!!!!!!

Click the image below, or click here to access your free E-guide




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