The Truth about Branding

Let’s play a game. What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name Chanel? What about Louis Vuitton? Target? Taco Bell?

It’s likely that when you think of the name Chanel, you think of luxury. You may even think of Audrey Hepburn. When you think of Louis Vuitton, you may think of quality handbags, and when you think of Taco Bell, cheap tex mex.

Brand Building

What you most likely didn’t think of when you thought of Chanel was their brand colors. When you thought of Louis Vuitton, you likely didn’t think of their logo, at least not immediately, and when you thought of Taco Bell, you likely didn’t think of how nicely arranged their website is.

Though, you MAY know Chanel’s colors and, 9 times out of 10, you know that the Louis Vuitton logo is the LV, these things don’t make their brand. Whether it’s the luxurious appeal of Louis Vuitton and Chanel or a bad feeling in your stomach from thinking of Taco Bell, each brand evokes a specific feeling in you that the brand is best known for.


When speaking to new business owners, the one thing that paralyses them is the creation of this “amazing brand”. They are busy bees creating beautiful websites, logos, and colors. They are busy with the things that won’t profit them yet, somehow, they’ve been made to believe that in order to have a profitable brand, you must have these things in place. This is the #1 myth when it comes to branding. Sure, your website, logos, and brand colors can contribute to the overall feel of the brand but those things do not make a brand.

So, if websites, logos, and colors don’t equal a brand, what does? Your brand is determined by the experience that it evokes. Be it the experience when a prospect graces your social media page, speaks to someone on your team, or sees brand images, your brand is the feeling left on your client or perspective client.

So, how does one start creating a brand? Desire it or not, you’ve already started. Trust me; if you were to ask 5 people who have come in contact with you and your business to describe it, it’s likely they’ll all say something similar. That’s because, conscious or not, you are always branding. The question shouldn’t be how to create a brand but rather “how to create a conscious brand”.

One thing that each of these brands have in common is that they dominate their own space in their own way. They are all successful but their raving fans are theirs! Looking at the expert industry, the same is true for all of the multi 6 and 7 figure players. They DOMINATE their lane in their own way. Having mastered this, I’ve created an exclusive FREE training just for you, that walks you through exactly what it takes to DOMINATE your industry, demolish competition, stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal clients. Access the free training here


There are 3 main steps that I use with my clients to help them discover the brand that they are to create:

  1. Ask yourself what you desire your business to be known for. If someone was writing your eulogy, what would they say about the legacy you’ve created and left behind?
  2. Based on the legacy that you desire to be left, look around and ask yourself if what you’ve created thus far holds up to that. Be as honest with yourself as possible. There isn’t an “in between” answer. It’s a yes or a no and the answer is usually no.
  3. Before you post a blog, a social media update,  or an image on Instagram, ask yourself, “does this fall in line with the legacy that I desire to leave?” When communicating with clients or potential clients, ask if the way you are communicating with them is in line with the brand legacy that you desire? This is important because asking yourself this before every communication with a client will ensure that the brand you are building will match with the legacy that you desire.


Creating a conscious brand legacy is what branding is really about and doing so will guarantee clients and customers for years to come. So get started using these tips today!

Are you ready to create a brand tha20150812_085842t stands the test of time? One that attracts ideal clients consistently? If so, I’d love to chat with you! Click hereto schedule your no obligation strategy session where we can discuss your next steps to build the business you desire




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