Three ethnically diverse young women sharing an ipad/tablet in a cafe

Why does she have clients and I don’t?

She isn’t better than you, she doesn’t know more than you so why does it look like she has more business than you?

This is a question that many ask themselves, even if they aren’t willing to admit it.

And the fact is, you’re right.

She probably isn’t better at her job than you are. _DSC4094 1200x628

She probably doesn’t know more than you know.

But her prospects knows who she is and how she can help them with their problem NOW!

You see, the people who you see with the most clients are usually the people who are constantly putting themselves out there in someway.

They invest in coaching programs, in advertisements, in themselves.

They spend time building a relationship with prospects, they offer value and they do so on multiple platforms.

If they have a favorite platform, you wouldn’t know it because its all fair game.

Their follower count seems to be growing by the day, and though you can’t figure out why she seems to be all over the place.

If you stop to look at your business you likely wont find the same.

You see, getting known by prospects isnt a one time, one day thing.

Its constant, day in and day out action that snowballs for BIG results.

Its knowing that regardless of who likes you or not, you MUST get your message out.

Its knowing that you are the BEST, walking in that and making sure everyone else knows it too.

Its being okay with providing value over and over and over in the form of blog posts, audios, videos, social media posts, pictures, live streams, books, radio, tv, etc

And what if you are doing all this and still not getting the result you want?

Its likely that what you have…no one wants OR at least you aren’t saying it in a way that they know they want it.

Its likely you aren’t following a proven blueprint consistently for 90 days PLUS

Its likely that you haven’t invested the time and energy into really getting your name, face, image out there so your clients will know you exist.

Which all comes down to the fact that she has clients and you don’t because she is doing what you aren’t….


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