Why my business doesn’t participate in Black Friday

We are coming up to the BIGGEST shopping day of the year…Black Friday. It is quickly followed by online businesses favorite day, Cyber Monday.

Thousands will purchase something on these days.

Many companies are thrilled with they’re sales

Yet, I don’t participate in them.

When is the last time you saw Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Christian Louboutin or anyChristmasother luxury brand participate in Black Friday?

Its likely that you’ll say never

Thats because luxury brands understand their value AND they understand that by waiting one day out of the year to offer rock bottom prices, trains their customers to wait that one day a year for their deals.

The reasoning is similar as to why I don’t participate.

One day doesn’t change the value of the services I provide.

One day doesn’t change the result my clients get from my programs.

So why am I giving them a rock bottom value when they have unlimited potential to change the future of their business, its growth and its revenue?

Low ball clients, looking for freebies and cheapies will never graduate to high ticket clients. And, if you’re a high ticket expert, you’re wasting your time and energy selling to them.

Stick with your niche.

If you’re high ticket, be high ticket.

If you’re luxury, be luxury.

And don’t create Walmart frenzy on this one day just to keep up when you are Hermes quality.

Create a luxury brand that your ideal clients come to day after day, week after week and they won’t have a need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to purchase your offer.


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