Female tourist enjoying food, wine and sunset view at Santorini, Greece

5 Actionable Tips to Beat the Summer Business Slump

Female tourist enjoying food, wine and sunset view at Santorini, Greece
One of the biggest questions and concerns I get around this time of the year is about beating the summer business slump. During the summer, when children are out of school and families are traveling, its not uncommon for buying to decrease. And this definitely causes stress for the small business owner. I have learned though that there are a few things that you can do to minimize the impact and often avoid it all together.
  •  Invest in an app. Part of the reason that sales slump, especially for businesses where the major marketing is done online, is that no one is sitting in front of the computer. Everyone is spending as much time on the beach as possible this time of year and a laptop or desk top is the last thing on their mind. That said, mobile use is higher than it has ever been and if you have an app that makes buying your programs, products and services a breeze from any device, on the beach or in the mountains, you’ll decrease your chances of experiencing the summer slump.
  • Sell packages. If you’re a service based company, consider selling packages right before summer comes in. 3 month packages that ensure that revenue is still coming into the business and ensures that you can give this client/customer what they need throughout the summer. Even if sales slump during the summer months, your revenue won’t because you’ve secured summer contracts
  • Show up where they are. If your client is at the beach and not at the computer or watching tv, they likely won’t see your marketing. How can you get in front of them where they are? Again, with mobile use higher than ever, consider marketing on online platforms such as social media and popular blogs, places where your audience frequent, even during the summer. Since brand awareness doesn’t slump, neither does sales.
  • Start building your mailing list early. I’m assuming that at this point every business at minimum has a mailing list. If not, get one. TODAY! The best way to stay in front of your clients/customers is to stay in their inboxes. I read an article recently that said the average smart phone user checks their email immediately after rising in the morning and at least 10 times throughout the day. This is your “in” for your customer. Make sure you’re sending regular emails, at least weekly, with your sales, offerings and insight.
  • Get in on the summer fun. Make your offering apart of what is exciting about summer for your customer. Are you a retail store? Make sure you have the summer “must haves” apart of your inventory. A couple of summers ago, I added summer trips to Italy for business consulting and coaching apart of my offering. Not only did you get to laser focus on your business and its growth with an expert but you were able to do so from the Mediterranean. I opened the doors and it was filled in less than 48 hours. How can you get in on the summer fun with your clients and customers?
With these 5 tips, you too can miss the summer business slump

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