Obsessed with Street Art in Bushwick

I have been asked for the last few months to start blogging a bit about my travels and I am finally pulling the trigger and making it happen. After 3 weeks in New York City, Im finally sharing the behind the scenes of a day in the life. I have a LOT more to share, such as behind the scenes images of my book launch Shut Up and Do the Work on June 15th. Stay posted. I’ll be sharing from that soon.

The subject of today is street art.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with it. Even to the point that I recently had a photoshoot in an amazing street art park in Manhattan (Who even knew that existed?).

Hanging with me was Caden and my assistant, Tiara in Bushwick

File Jul 02, 11 41 30 PM

File Jul 03, 12 10 27 AM


File Jul 03, 12 09 56 AM


File Jul 03, 12 09 36 AM


File Jul 02, 11 40 30 PM


File Jul 03, 12 09 10 AM


File Jul 02, 11 40 57 PM



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