The Ultimate Way to Attract Clients and Customers

Client Attraction is my specialty. Seriously, I love EVERYTHING about it.

Since a small child, I’ve been interested in what makes people tick. Why do they follow certain brands more closely than others? Why do some build “cult” like followings while others struggle to get even one person to follow them?

It became my personal life mission to discover the answers and then use them for good; showing others how to do the same in their business.

Two years ago, I decided to pack up and travel the world for a year. I wanted a “wander year”. Time to spend exploring, unattached to any “things” in the United States. I’d then document the entire process via pictures and video on social media all while promoting my marketing business simultaneously.

I found out something extremely interesting during this time. My marketing info got much less engagement than the travel pics, videos, posts and insights.

“Business as usual” simply wasn’t interesting to my audience but instead what they LOVED and wanted much more information on was the life that I was living.

It sparked a desire within them for freedom.

And though the engagement on the “business posts” decreased, actual business, increased….. TEN FOLD!

And thats when I truly grasped and discovered the answer…


Thats the key to attracting all the clients you desire and thus the wealth.

Live the life you desire and then share it with the world, even when it seemingly has nothing to do with what you sell or promote.

In a time when many people are miserable in their jobs and even if they are happy, they aren’t making the money they truly desire for the life of freedom they want, to see you do it, instantly attracts them.

Its like a moth to a flame.

I’d been told this before but I truly didn’t get it, it didn’t “click” until I lived it

The best way to attract all the ideal clients you desire is to show up as you.




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