Davina Quit Her Job as a Dentist to Coach Fulltime

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I’ve never really hated Mondays, but I wish I would have. You know how much easier it is to make a decision when you hate something? Its like if a dish has sour cream, its a Hell No for me…I wont even touch it. But if a dish has basil, I’ll eat the entire thing….not because I love it, but because I haven't made up my mind if I like it or not. Hell MAYBEs will screw you. Every. Single. Time.

Insight: Brilliant women can/do grow where they’re planted. Plainly put…we make even the most broken shit work. What are you tolerating right now?

A few days ago, my coach Stephanie Synclair had a Facebook post congratulating me on leaving dentistryScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.22.43 PM to go all in on my consulting company. I hadn't told anyone really. I get a text from my bestie: WTF? Why didn't you tell me? I love it, you're the first one of us to do it!!

Did you catch that? The first one of US to do it. We are all over, the dentist turned film maker, the lawyer turned Andrea Bocelli…no really, THE Andrea Bocelli was an attorney.

It started during my last year of dental school. My husband and I would get to school and we would tell each other, “Our day starts at 5.” Because 5 o’clock is when we could create business plans over a Moscow Mule. Symptomatic? Yes. Diagnostic? No.

My dental career had officially kicked off! I would be lying if I said I was excited. I was sober…I could not shake the feeling that this was it…put in my time, wait for weekends and vacation, and end goal is retire with my health and money intact. So, I played that game. I worked hard and played hard. Within the first year and half I traveled to 5 countries. Maybe I could be a dentist forever…I mean it was allowing me to bury my toes in the sand in Thailand for a week, not a bad deal. Notice the “grow where I am planted mentality?”

Insight: We are familiar with making trade-offs. How would our lives change if when given a choice….we took both?!

I started to ask new questions and went looking for new answers. I am the master of reinvention. I have done it so many times that I know in my bones when its that time. The time had come. There had to be professionals who loved what they did…I made it my mission to find them and ask them their secret sauce. At my core I am a scientist, and the best way to find what your are looking for is to run experiments, so I literally started cold calling and setting up lunch dates with them. A bit awkward? For sure.

But my findings….oh my findings!!! There were those that were on fire and loved what they did. I left those lunches high…talking a million miles per minute, ideas flooding into my head, and a new outlook on my profession. Then there were those who liked what they did because it afforded them cash to do what they really loved. These were peeps who moonlighted as concert pianists, recording artists, serial entrepreneurs, graphic digital artists, and reality TV stars. ALL TRUE. Another group were those who were not actively working on their passion, but who hadn't forgotten about it either. They were still in that “maybe one day” phase. Remember, hell MAYBE will screw you. Every. Single. Time. The final group were the people who had forgotten how to ask the question “What do I really want?” Note- I did NOT say “What do I think I can have?”

This is where my reinvention started to happen. I started my consulting practice. This is where being ‪#‎Disruptive‬ comes in. There are certain rules that our professions put on us and that we put on ourselves, but the more interesting question is “How can we change the rules?” Rule changers include Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, and Rent the Runway. #Disruptive. I take high achievers who are ready disrupt their current reality in order to reinvent their careers and/or leverage their credentials to start a new career. I will be sharing exact steps that I took to leverage my credentials, get a partnership with one of the most highly respected dental companies to create a digital product, and transition out of my 8-5.

Soon I will be opening 12 spots up to do just this in a highly curated group.

Until then, I want to invite you to join me in a private Facebook group to continue to conversation. I want to hear from you!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/211116665951118/

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