Fuck Launching

FUCK LAUNCHING: I learned pretty quickly that the traditional launch path was not and is not my path.

The stress.

The feast or famine….

I’m just not built for that shit.

What I AM built for though, is consistent revenue, knowing that week after week, I’m signing new clients ready to change their lives.

I created my own step by step to ensure that whenever Im looking to fill a program, I can do so within aStephanie-1 week, or less… because why take forever when you can go ahead, get it done and have major impact?!?

I am FINALLY sharing this process in my new workshop, 7 Days to Full where I will be detailing the ENTIRE process, from start to finish, my systems, templates, call to actions and more.

The workshop will be Monday July 18th at 11am PST

Investment is $1000 before Wednesday at Midnight PST and $1500 after.
You can get signed up at http://bit.ly/7DaysToFull








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