Massive Expansion and Uplevel for Li



Don’t let her seeming quietness fool you…

She is definitely a “savage” when it comes to business… creating goal and meeting them with a bang and no apologies.

Li Lin is a career coach for immigrants and when she came to me in November of last year her business looked nothing like it looks today.

She came with big dreams of creating a massive impact within her business and she took no prisioners

By Feb Li was working with more clients than ever and had her first 6k month.

And by July of 2016, she reached a goal that she had for quite some time…

The 12k month.

But the revenue isn’t the biggest result…

You can see a definite change in Li.

She shows up more, her visibility is through the roof and well, lets just say it..

Li is kicking ass in business!

So, if you don’t know this amazing woman, you definitely want to!

Connect with her on her business page and catch her regular live broadcasts that are that big push you need to get the career of your dreams



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