Gift 2: 7 lessons in 7 years on my path to 7 figures

As I am sure you are aware, I am celebrating 7 years as a full time entrepreneur by giving away 7 gifts during the month that include trainings, audios, checklists, insight etc. And this is number 2. These are the 7 lessons that I wish I had known when I first started my business. I could have definitely come up with more than 7 but of course I am going with the entire 7 theme lol. So without further hesitation, the 7 lessons I have learned in the last 7 years on my path to 7 figures.


7. Choose one. This was really hard for me. I am a self proclaimed Jill of all Trades BUT in actuality, you can not do everything to the level of being an expert. In the very beginning I really struggled to commit to just success coaching. Because there were so many other things that I felt I was good at. But once I began to focus on one path, things took off, like a rocket.

6. Simplicity is your friend. The first few years of entrepreneurship I wanted to have a vast variety of Stephanie-1offerings. I had multiple programs and service offerings to fit everyone and every budget. The mini DSW but for business. And I sold some things but not nearly as much as I imagined. Then, a few years ago I began to really pay attention to the people who came before me who REALLY succeeded in the way that I wanted to succeed. I wanted to really help others but also have PLENTY of time for myself and my family. When I really got deep into their businesses, which meant investing to work with some of the best in the business, I realized that they only had one or two offerings. It wasn’t a catalog of offerings to choose from. They chose the best programs they’d ever offered and simply offered them over and over and over again. I began to follow that path and not only did business began to get easier and less time consuming but I made more money. The complex mind of Stephanie Synclair had to get disciplined and choose the simple path.

5. I am a coach NOT an internet marketer. This is a pretty fuzzy subject for most. Because many internet marketers call themselves coaches. There is a HUGE difference between the two and many of the people you think of as coaches are internet marketers. Think Marie Forleo, Melanie Duncan, Amy Porterfield and thats just naming a small few. Yes, some internet marketers periodically hold a coaching weekend but rarely do they really coach. To hear more about the difference, click here where I spoke about this on a facebook mentions live broadcast. I had to get clear on what I was and where I fell and when I got clear on that I knew that pricing myself like an internet marketer would never work. They go after large numbers. Coaches go after a large impact and theres a difference between the two. When I discovered that, my prices needed to reflect the difference and with that almost instantly my business grew by 3x. Determine where you fall on this and price accordingly. If you’re unsure get with your coach and get clear.

4. I will NEVER go without a mentor. This is a biggie, for a few reason including the fact that I shouldn’t ask people to invest in mentorship if I am not willing to. But on top of that, the fact is that if I want to continue growing my business at the pace that I have been, I need someone who has gone before me and can help me navigate the terrain, miss the potholes in the road and get me to my ultimate destination faster than if I go it alone. I see so many people waste time, and money because they don’t want to make the sacrifice to invest. If you’re investing with someone who has done and is doing what they teach its likely you can see your return in less than 30 days. I have little trust for those in the expert industry without a coach… Seriously.

3. Im not perfect and thats okay. This is a biggie but my ego wants me to be perfect 100 percent of the time. Ive made mistakes, a ton. Many way before I ever became and entrepreneur and some that still show up for me to this day. But one thing that I’ve learned is that in my imperfection is the miracle. And admitting my imperfections causes breakthrough. There is nothing in my past that I have not talked about that anyone else can discuss and I made that conscious decision back in 2014 when I had a small group of ladies decide to attempt to destroy me and my business. It almost did. Until I realized that no one can destroy me. Only I can allow that. Thats the year I made more than I ever had before. The same year I thought I would give up, I reached a goal I’d been working on for years. That is the year that myself along with my son and our family assistant traveled throughout Europe and Asia for almost a year. Its the year that I proved to myself that anything that I desire is possible! Its okay not to be perfect and sometimes that imperfection coming to the light is just what you need to breakthrough

2. Watch my lane and no one else’s. This one is so hard. We are told by so many to watch the competition so that we can get ahead and stay ahead. But one thing that I learned a few years into business was that everyone in the industry does just that. And everyone looks the same… boring as shit! And I didn’t and don’t want that. So I am watching industries but not my own. I am very inspired by the arts so I pay attention to that, the groundbreaking things that are being done and think about how I can apply that to my business. The truth is, there is no other success coach that I see as competition. As a matter of fact, many are my friends and mastermind partners. But because we stay in our lane and zones of genius, using our creativity, we attract completely different clients in different ways. So the idea of watching what the rest of your industry is doing I truly feel is a HUGE mistake… that is unless you WANT to look like everyone else.

1. Follow my heart. This is a biggie and number 1 for me. If my heart isn’t in it, it never turns out well. Im not inspired and my actions aren’t as strong. When I get an idea that really lights me up, I immediately step into action and often have amazing results. So now, every time someone asks me to speak, attend an event or add or try something new in my business, I check in and see if its something that I REALLY want to do, something thats an immediate YES with no question… if not, its an immediate NO.



These are the BIG lessons that I’ve learned the last 7 years on my path to 7 figures. I talk much more in detail about the changes that I had to make in my newest book, Shut Up and Do the Work, available onstephanie-137 Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It goes deep into what I did to completely change my life and business and takes you step by step through the practices that I use even today that keeps me moving forward. Grab it and be sure to let me know how much you love it!




  • Jenny Dewberry October 10, 2016 at 6:11 pm

    Hi Stephanie. Your Blog hit some areas of concern for me and I took away a few words of advice that I can begin to apply. With Image Consulting there are so many services to offer that I have found myself trying to be the Super woman if far too many and am probably waving my audience confused and overwhelmed. I’ll continue to follow you until I can get a 1:1 with you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tyra jones October 11, 2016 at 2:32 am

    Thank you for the tips they are very helpful I appreciate every word I read because at times Ido feel like it’s taking to long or will it every happen so once again thanks you put me right back on track


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