Apprenticeship Spot Open

I don’t know if you’ve heard or not but for the first time ever I am opening up my entire business and life to ONE amazing woman who is ready to really claim her power and position within her industry.


But THIS is what I am MOST excited about happening with my new apprentice…..

And its probably not what you’d think.

Most would think its taking them from where they are to a million PLUS within 15 month.

Some may think its the all expense paid trips to Las Vegas and London (did I mention its flying first class???)

Or even our private retreats to Rome and to Spain.

And though those are amazing all by themselves

What excites me most is the transformation that is going to happen for them… the shrinking of the timeline of “whats possible” and “in what amount of time”

Its the fact that they’ll reach their 5 year goal in 15 months

And they’ll FULLY embody that goal.

They’ll likely start traveling first class only on flights

Move into their dream home

Meet the love of their life

And if they’re already in a relationship, strengthen it like never before.

Its the fact that the person they are today will simply be a memory in 15 months because they will truly BE, in mind, body and spirit, the woman they desire to be.

Applications for The Million Dollar Year Apprenticeship ends SATURDAY!!!

I can only choose 1.

Get your application in NOW

Click below

Million Dollar Year



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