Why 2016 was the most epic year EVER

Dec 31, 2015

11:29 am PST

Reflecting on a year of highs, lows and all around blessings

This year has been an interesting one to say the least. This is the first year that I recall knowing so many people, personally, who have been ready for the year to come to a end for several weeks now.

This seems to be one of those years where so many people have experienced massive personal pains that have left them exhausted and ready for new.

Donald Trump became president….

I myself have experienced highs and lows this year and while this year was challenging in so many ways, this year has also brought so many blessings.

Shedding a bit of light on the year many consider quite dark I’d love to share the amazing things this year brought for myself and the entire She’s Iconic team.

Multiple clients who crossed 6 figures this year. Many hitting multiple 6 figures. Thats always a goodie. When clients come to me at zero and are longing for the financial freedom that revenue provides AND THEY REACH IT within a year, that always lights me up.

ICONIC babies. We’ve has 2 births within the She’s Iconic community this year! Actually, these are our first babies EVER!!!!! And we are so glad to have worked with their mommies the entire year.

Ended On Air with Stephanie Synclair, the syndicated radio show. Now, to some this may be a ep27downer but for me this lifted a HUGE weight. And I want to use this as a teaching tool for a minute. I am a media girl. I majored in Broadcast Communications, I’ve worked in television and radio, I’ve had my own television show and I thought it would be an amazing idea to host a business talk radio show as well. The idea I absolutely loved, but, as we taped the show month after month, I realized something….. It began to feel like a job. Something I left in 2009 and far removed from the freedom that I teach about and desire the most. Though I enjoyed the highly professional and produced show, it lacked the loosy goosy feeling that I love when I do things. I desire to sit down at a mic with my cup on coffee and record whenever I feel like it… not on schedule. And if I spend 20 mins on one topic.. no biggie. I wanted to talk to you through my show, like I’d talk to you in person and in radio world, that doesn’t make an amazing show. And so, after a year of On Air with Stephanie Synclair, we decided to say goodbye.  (But no worries… a new show in a new format… loosy goosy just like I like it will show up in 2017)

Published Shut Up and Do the Work and spent a month in NYC promoting it AND spending 4th of July in the Hamptons. In June this year, I released my highly acclaimed book and guide Shut Up and Do the Work. It was the introduction to what you will see soooooo much of in 2017…. wealth consciousness and mindset work to integrate in WITH the business strategy. Its something I’d worked withstephanie-137 clients privately on but I didn’t speak publicly about because…. well….. I don’t know. Lol. There was some block around saying, “Hey listen, you can do all the WORK right and still not get the result because you’ve got lack consciousness and you need to clear that shit” lol. So, imagine my surprise when we sold over 10,000 copies in a couple of months (Don’t forget this is a self published booked. 10,000 copies that are PAID FOR…. not given away is a HUGE deal). We gave away even more copies. We received sooooo many rave reviews and a few “not so good” ones that didn’t understand the concept of mindset work and how it related to wealth and success. This told me one thing… its time to teach more about wealth consciousness and prosperity mindset. Our community is ready for it!

Got featured in some MAJOR mags but my favorite is still the Harpers Bazaar feature.  While the whole entrepreneur community gets excited about Entrepreneur and Forbes, I have to say that to be featured for your business in a NON BUSINESS magazine as huge as Harpers Bazaar is a dream come true. If you’d told this little brown girl that she would grow up, work with people that she absolutely love to work with, get paid for it AND be featured in a fashion magazine, she would never have believed you… but it happened.

Broke my own upper limit beliefs around how much I could charge, created a 100k program and sold 2 spots…. in 4 days. I will just leave that there because not only did I not believe at one point it was possible for me… many people don’t believe its possible for them either but I am proof that you can achieve what you truly believe you can achieve. Read about Million Dollar Year Apprentice Program here


I released from my life people whose time was up. I never regret anyone taking part in my life. I truly believe with everyone comes a lesson to learn and therefore every man is my teacher. But I also believe that when their time is up, give them love and send them on their way. This year has been full of lessons… many of which I got to through pain. But I’d never have it any other way. The pain served a purpose. A HUGE one.

The love of my life found me. Seriously, I was minding my own business…and.. there he was. This story is still continuing and I am POSITIVE you’ll here much more about this in the coming weeks. Lets just say that love finding me made me appreciate all of my exes sooooo much more. I’d never know how amazing he was if it wasn’t for them

My baby became a pre-teen. Now we can look at this or good or bad but Caden officially hit the double digits. As sad as I am that I no longer have a “baby”, I love seeing him mature and truly discover himself. Currently he is building his first business. More on that soon.

There we go… thats my list

And though I have had years where the list was longer, that doesn’t negate the fact that amazing life changing things have happened this year.

This year served a major purpose!

So, take a look back at your year and PURPOSELY find at least 5 things that happened within your life AND business making this the most epic year ever.

The thing about looking for something… you always find it. And then the Universe give you more epic things to add to the list!



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