Foolproof Program Naming Method

“How do you name your programs Stephanie?”
That’s one of the most common questions that I am asked as I am helping clients put together their packages.
Have you ever struggled with this?
I definitely have until one day I just decided to let it go.
Here’s is some truth that’s going to help you in all parts of your business.
No one REALLY cares about the name of your program.
Let that sit for a minute.
In the end, you’re not selling a program.
You’re selling a result!
Armed with this knowledge, when I am stuck on a name, I simply don’t name it!Foolproof method
I go ahead, promoting the program and allow the name to come to me, whenever it comes to me.
And it always does.
I JUST went through this with my 4 month mentorship & mastermind program.
It’s entire focus is selling and filling high ticket programs in 4 months generating a minimum $100k.
We are ending the 4 months with a 3 day retreat in West Palm Beach, Florida where one of those days will be a Sell-a-thon and we will be selling 50k plus IN ONE DAY!!!!!
So of course when the name came to me, it made TOTAL sense.
Remember, your prospects care about RESULTS!!!!!! The name should fit that result!
Introducing to you SELL! The 4 month Mentorship & Mastermind Program for women entrepreneur’s ready to SELL out completely their high ticket programs, products and services!
Makes total sense right?!?
So I’ve got 2 pieces of advice
First. If you’ve been stuck on a name, DON’T be. RELAX. Sell the result and not the program
Second. When you do think of a name, be sure its centered around the RESULT the program gives. We should have an idea what the program is about, BEFORE you tell us about the program!
And if you are at a place where you’re ready to truly uplevel in your business and spend 4 dedicated months to focusing on sales and revenue, lets talk!
Head here, fill out the application and I will reach out personally!!!!!!
Here’s to being ICONIC!



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