Being Money Hungry

This is how you REALLY tell a hater FUCK YOU!!!

You flip it and do amazing good with it!

Do you remember a few weeks ago when that online troll called me a Money Hungry Skank?

Well, as you know I decided to FULLY embrace that!


First, because in the real world, we need money to take care of ourselves, live an amazing life AND do good in the world.

Secondly, WOMEN are taught that desiring money is a bad thing. Much more than our male counter parts. And I am standing up call BULLSHIT on that!!!!!! Its a limiting belief that we need to rid ourselves of ASAP!!!!Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 8.52.10 PM

That got me to thinking…. How can I get this message out? How can we start a movement with this?

And….. The Money Hungry Skank Radio Show was born!!!!!!!!!

The show is super simple and not highly produced. You can expect a new episode roughly every week but to be completely transparent with you, if this becomes a highly produced job, Im going to quit. I am allergic to jobs….. I promise lol.

Here’s what I NEED from you:

1. Head to and SUBSCRIBE to the show. You can get Itunes even if you don’t have an apple product. I definitely suggest downloading at minimum on your phone but on both the phone and computer would be best. You’ll be notified when new episodes hit.

2. PLEASE rate and review the show. This will help push our ratings up so that we can get into the New & Noteworthy category….

3. Share this! There is no one promoting anything similar. Most business peeps are on here promoting their business. I have no interest in that. If you notice, the category on Itunes is self help NOT business. Money Hungry Skank Show is here to change the world…. THIS IS MY GIVE BACK. Lets spread it

Thank you soooo much in advance for your support of the Money Hungry Skank Movement!!!!!!!!




  • Portia May 23, 2017 at 2:06 am

    I just read an interview that you did with the Huffpost where you discussed those who have money beliefs that are blocking them. You went on to say that there is a blueprint for over coming this. I am struggling in this area. Can you provide additional information about this? I do affirmations and the like, yet I still find myself going back to thoughts of lack. Where do I begin?


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