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Foolproof method

Foolproof Program Naming Method

“How do you name your programs Stephanie?” That’s one of the most common questions that I am asked as I am helping clients put together their packages. Have you ever struggled with this? I definitely have until one day I just decided to let it go. Here’s is some truth that’s going to help you in all parts of your…

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From 100 million to bankruptcy. How to avoid that in your business

Have you ever heard of Nasty Gal? It is a popular clothing site founded by #Girlboss and the founder of the Girlboss brand, Sophia Amoruso. I first heard about the Girlboss brand a couple of years ago when the book by the same name was suggested to me. The story was miraculous. Sophia went from dumpster diving (her words) and…

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How to ensure you reach your business goals this year

Have you ever created a revenue goal in your business and didn’t reach it? I’m sure the answer is “Yes” like it is for most of us! Through the years, building my business from just $21 to multiple 7 figures and helping my clients Quantum Leap and make BIG shifts within their businesses, I’ve discovered that there is a tried…

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10k 90 day Holiday Masterclass

I am super thrilled to be able to open the doors to my 10k in 90 day Masterclass again for the holiday season. These are the exact steps that I used to get to 100k plus within my first year and continued to grow from there. In the 10k in 90 day masterclass, you’re going to get the full training…

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Gift 2: 7 lessons in 7 years on my path to 7 figures

As I am sure you are aware, I am celebrating 7 years as a full time entrepreneur by giving away 7 gifts during the month that include trainings, audios, checklists, insight etc. And this is number 2. These are the 7 lessons that I wish I had known when I first started my business. I could have definitely come up…

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Gift 1: Dream Clients On Demand

It’s my entrepreneur anniversary!!!!!! {Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Experts} This month marks 7 years since I quit my corporate position and went off on my own to start a business. Since then, I have gone on to build a 7 figure coaching company that allows me to travel the globe while running my business that fully supports the lifestyle that…

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The Truth about Branding

Let’s play a game. What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name Chanel? What about Louis Vuitton? Target? Taco Bell? It’s likely that when you think of the name Chanel, you think of luxury. You may even think of Audrey Hepburn. When you think of Louis Vuitton, you may think of quality handbags, and when…

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Why my business doesn’t participate in Black Friday

We are coming up to the BIGGEST shopping day of the year…Black Friday. It is quickly followed by online businesses favorite day, Cyber Monday. Thousands will purchase something on these days. Many companies are thrilled with they’re sales Yet, I don’t participate in them. When is the last time you saw Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Christian Louboutin or anyother luxury brand…

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Marketing so hot-1

Orgasms + Marketing

I can’t tell you that I am surprised at the reception of the newest program in the She’s Iconic lineup. And it doesn’t fail to provide massive business training that can be called edutainment. I’ve spent years perfecting marketing and one thing I know FOR SURE is when you do something different from the norm in your industry, its going…

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I thought I was gonna be the tanned Katie Couric

Growing up, I thought I’d be the next Oprah or maybe Katie Couric. I was seriously obsessed. As an adult what I realized I was REALLY obsessed with wasn’t the people themselves but their brand, their marketing. How did they become the bigger than life versions of themselves that they’d become? This obsession carried on to other brands as well…

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