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How to ensure you reach your business goals this year

Have you ever created a revenue goal in your business and didn’t reach it? I’m sure the answer is “Yes” like it is for most of us! Through the years, building my business from just $21 to multiple 7 figures and helping my clients Quantum Leap and make BIG shifts within their businesses, I’ve discovered that there is a tried…

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4 Characteristics of Millionaire Coaches

I often get new coaches, authors and experts of every kind telling me how “lucky” I am. In a period of 3-4 years, I have created a successful company that helps entrepreneurs create irresistible marketing strategies, generate new leads and close sales. In the last 12 months I’ve traveled to over 15 countries running my business globally with a small…

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The Single Most Important Strategy to Filling your Programs

I have been in this industry for quite some time, and when I tell you “I’ve seen and tried itall”, trust me. I’ve launched over 50 programs or products and only in the last two years mastered exactly how to fill those programs. So far in 2015 alone, I’ve filled 6 of my Elite coaching programs with 7 to 10…

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Get your Group on

I talk to a lot of people who start the conversation out telling me that they want individual 1:1 training. I start the conversation out saying that I don’t offer 1:1 packages. I’ve learned through the years that the people who desire the 1:1 and are hell bent on it are usually the people who aren’t doing so well in…

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The truth about the “high ticket” coaching industry

The truth about the “high ticket” coaching industry… From someone who has invested and lived it…. I so didn’t mean for this video to be more than 5 minutes but I am so sick of this one in particular post that I’ve been seeing floating around Facebook the last 2 days. Its was time I addressed it  

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