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The Ultimate Way to Attract Clients and Customers

Client Attraction is my specialty. Seriously, I love EVERYTHING about it. Since a small child, I’ve been interested in what makes people tick. Why do they follow certain brands more closely than others? Why do some build “cult” like followings while others struggle to get even one person to follow them? It became my personal life mission to discover the…

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5 Actionable Tips to Beat the Summer Business Slump

One of the biggest questions and concerns I get around this time of the year is about beating the summer business slump. During the summer, when children are out of school and families are traveling, its not uncommon for buying to decrease. And this definitely causes stress for the small business owner. I have learned though that there are a…

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Why does she have clients and I don’t?

She isn’t better than you, she doesn’t know more than you so why does it look like she has more business than you? This is a question that many ask themselves, even if they aren’t willing to admit it. And the fact is, you’re right. She probably isn’t better at her job than you are.  She probably doesn’t know more…

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3 key pieces of effective marketing

3 things that make up EFFECTIVE marketing

Marketing serves 1 BIG purpose Familiarity Thats it. I know that you may have been hoping for something a bit more long winded but I’m not the beat around the bush type. You see, marketing helps prospects know who you are and what you do. And though most businesses market (and we will use that term loosely) on a daily…

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