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5 Actionable Tips to Beat the Summer Business Slump

One of the biggest questions and concerns I get around this time of the year is about beating the summer business slump. During the summer, when children are out of school and families are traveling, its not uncommon for buying to decrease. And this definitely causes stress for the small business owner. I have learned though that there are a…

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The absence of a “yes” is a no

You are on the phone with a prospect. The call has gone amazingly well, she is thrilled to work with you and then you give her the price. She hesitates and tells you one of a few things She has to check her account She has to talk to her husband She has to think about it. It all sounds…

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2 Top Ways to Close Sales WITHOUT a phone call

Im old school… for real. Today, I still hop on the phone with prospects to see if they’re a good fit for one of my ICONIC programs or systems. But, what if you hate talking on the phone? Or if you’ve simply gotten burned out on sales call as I have from time to time? Does that mean you’re out…

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