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EP021: 5 Steps to Grow Your Business

In this week’s episode, Stephanie covers: 5 steps to grow your business Low vibration words to eliminate from your vocabulary How to use Instagram and other social media to attract your ideal client Did you know that On Air with Stephanie Synclair is not only on a radio station in your town but is also on iTunes weekly? Subscribe to…

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EP19: How To Crush Your Financial Goals Monthly

In this week’s episode, Stephanie covers: How to add some fun and excitement into your business so you don’t drown in the sea of entrepreneurs How to crush your goals every month in 2016 What would Stephanie do differently in life & business in her 20s Did you know that On Air with Stephanie Synclair is not only on a…

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How to CRUSH your goals before the end of the year

Today is a serious day. Its not just another day. Its officially over half way through the year and there are only 5 months remaining to reach your goals. In the last few years of entrepreneurship I have learned a lot about what it takes to not meet goals but even more about what it takes to CRUSH them! Now,…

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8 Investments that Changed Me as a Woman

I’ve been intending to write this post for quite some time. I don’t quite know what stopped me but I had clear resistance to it. Maybe it was fear of being judged for what many wouldn’t call “necessities” of life. Maybe it was fear of seeming materialistic. Either way it all came down to the fear of judgement. I then…

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Building your perfect support tribe

Happy Tuesday! This week I’d like to discuss something that has literally SAVED me as an entrepreneur. I’ve said this often but the world of entrepreneurship can be a lonely place. And throw in the world of entrepreneurship once you actually start making money and thats a different story in itself. And in some of my toughest situations in business,…

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How to achieve goals faster

Today I’d like to really sit down with you and break down the concept of achieving goals. For years I had big audacious goals of starting a business, having a waiting list on my programs and having the revenue to fund my desires. But it seemed as though I was struggling to get the footing in order to really grow…

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