My favorite things

Below are a few of my favorite books, tools, products, etc in business. Each have been used by me personally for quite some time. After testing, I highly suggest these items for addition to your business arsenal.

Great for filming videos and/or live streams. I'd searched locally and lighting kits such as this one surpassed $500. I find that this is an amazing value and does great for my promotional videos

ANOTHER MUST HAVE FOR YOUR LIBRARY. The original The Science of Getting Rich.

A MUST when live streaming from your mobile device. This mic inserts easily into your device with no apps to install. Super easy to use and the audio is extremely clear cutting out all background noise

If you host sales call YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS HEADSET! Completely handsfree ability to run your sales call with the most amazing sound quality. Long battery life. Ive had mine since 2015 and it still works perfectly!

A MUST FOR YOUR COLLECTION IF YOU ARE A CLIENT OF MINE. I am sure you've heard me speak of The Game of Life and How to Play it. This is that book, plus three others that will continue to increase your wealth consciousness, rewriting your mental money programming and calling in the life you desire.

I use this microphone stand when recording podcasts, interviews, etc.

In the world of "podcasting" other mics are suggested but in REAL RADIO LIFE, this is the mic!!!! I'd bought other cute mics that I'd heard other business podcasters suggest, only to discover after I'd gotten a deal with a radio station that the quality is lacking for crystal clear sound. This is the mic I use for all of my podcasts, radio interviews, etc. A MUST!

My favorite entrepreneurial DVD.. documents the life and successes of Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, etc