Created for the entrepreneur who desires a profitable location independent, freedom based business, Freedom Based Business Academy is an 8 week, 8 module system that includes:

  • Complete 8 Module Freedom Based Business System via digital MP3
  • Workbooks, checklists and printable PDF printables to accompany each module. More than being taught by me, you also get pdf printables and checklists for you to refer back to when actually implementing these strategies outside of the training. The workbooks assist you in going deeper in each particular subject for the best result possible.
  • Lifetime membership into Freedom Based Business Academy which means you will have access to all updates and bonus materials current and in the future.
  • LIVE Freedom Based Business Academy training calls where I will be sharing with you new business strategies that will NOT be released to the public.

Freedom Based Business Academy Curriculum

Module 1: Money Story Transformation

The truth is, money touches every part of your life. When your money story transforms, you are free to create the wealth that can fund your dream freedom based life. Because of the importance of this, I made this the 1st module. There will be in-depth discussions and assignments to clear out old belief systems and replace them with new ones that support the life that you are desiring to live. We will cover wealth consciousness in depth to set you up to be able to create programs and products, market them and make money with ease. This is also the module where your freedom based life will be designed.

Module 2: Client Discovery System

 It is of utter importance that you know who it is that you are TRULY meant to serve on a deeper level. Usually before you purchase a program, product or service, something about it has jumped out at you and you’ve realized that its a real need in your life for whatever reason. Thats because the creator of that product knew his customer. Once you connect with who it is that you are meant to serve, you can then create programs and products that they want and need.

Module 3: Building a Unique Tribe

Community is so very important. Community is your business. Community is your support.

Therefore, community is the third module. This week we will discuss how to build a bustling tribe that not only keeps your business alive with energy on social media but also alive with flowing revenue!

Module 4: Freedom Based Content Creation

This week we will discuss how you will show up in your industry the best. Knowing this helps you decide what programs, products or services you will sell and how to present them in a way that makes your ideal client jump up with a resounding YES!We will also cover pricing this week. One of the biggest questions I get is “Stephanie, how do I price my services?” Well, today, you’ll get your answer

Module 5: Location Independent Client Attraction

This by far for many is one of the hardest topics. In all that you do, you must be able to speak to your ideal client in a language that they understand and in a way that will make with happy and excited about working with you. In this topic, we discuss not just creating copy for sales pages and opt-in pages but also copy for social media. If you’ve wondered how to use Facebook to sell your programs and products, the right way, this is the module you’ve been looking for!

Module 6: Pre-launch Marketing

This module is filled with Pre-launch marketing strategies that gets your audience in your social media and email inbox asking you “when will your program be released”. Launching is all about building the excitement around what you have to offer and if done correctly will have your audience ready and waiting to pounce on whatever it is that you’re offering. These techniques helped me create $100k in revenue in my first 3 months of implementing them!

Module 7: LAUNCH Strategies

This is the launch module all about creating a successful AND PROSPEROUS launch. I talk
to women everyday that tell me “Stephanie, Im in the middle of a launch and its just not working”, yet when I look at their social media, I can’t tell that they’re launching. They are not consistent enough nor visible enough for anyone to know what they have to offer. With our prelaunch strategies combined with our launch strategies, you’ll be ready to sell out like hotcakes!

Module 8: Keeping Up The Momentum

By this point you’ve created a certain amount of momentum. People are talking about you, you’re being asked for interview and your name is coming up in the hottest circles. Now its time to build the momentum more and sale without selling. This module is all about using the momentum to sell products while you break free and go 100% freedom based.


Leave this program with

  • The systems and structures in place to run a location independent business with revenues of 10k, 20k and above monthly
  • The skills to attract IDEAL clients month after month
  • The confidence to know what to charge and at a rate equal to your worth each and every time.
  • The ability to have a responsive crowd globally ready to say "YES" to working with you.
  • Marketing skills to show up in front of more people than ever before.
  • 1 high end program ready to be put on the market and sold to your ideal client
  • So much more!
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