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  • 6 week program

    Full 6 week High Ticket Mastery training program to ensure you are proficient as a high ticket coach, understand exactly how to price your program, products and services and have the aptitude to confidently sell programs up to $100,000 with ease

Common questions

  • Q.What if I am a new coach? Would this be appropriate for me?

    A.I am going out on a limb to say this but I am assuming that though you are a new coach, you are not a new expert. If this is the case, this may come as a surprise to many, but being a high ticket coach has less to do with experience and more to do with the amount of transformation and the speed at which that transformation is accomplished. There are seasoned coaches who don’t focus on quantum leaping who wouldn’t fit well as a high ticket coach. If you are focused on getting your clients MASSIVE results in the fastest time possible then this would be great for you even as a new coach/consultant.

  • Q.Why high ticket?

    A.I talked a bit about this in video 2 but on the benefit of the expert, high ticket allows you to work with a very small group at a higher price point. Imagine having just 10 $50,000 clients. or 10 $100,000 and being able to focus in on ensuring their transformation. That is the power of being a high ticket coach.

  • Q.Is this a fit if I already have a coach?

    A.If your coach is teaching you how to create AND sell programs, products and services up to $100,000 and get them into the marketplace then no this isn’t a fit. That said, I am the only female expert that I know of who has packaged and filled programs of $100,000 and above and I don’t know of any others teaching this method.

  • Q.I am a seasoned expert. Is this a good program for me?

    A.If you have yet to fill programs up to $100,000, then yes, High Ticket Mastery is a good fit for you

  • Q.What is the highest program investment that you offer?

    A.Currently $100,000 and my 2018 program is almost full. My first round was sold in October 2016 within 1 week.

  • Q.How soon will I be able to go out and sign clients?

    A.IMMEDIATELY! My best clients make sales and close deals DURING the live event!

  • Q.How long will I have access to the program?

    A.This is a digital, home study course that will be delivered to you weekly. You will have forever access to the program.

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