Million Dollar Year


Are you ready for your Million Dollar Year?

For the last 3 months I’ve been in deep prayer and meditation. You see, I knew that 2017 was meant to hold something huge, something life changing and transformative.

Back in Sept, I flew to Dallas to meet a couple of other lady bosses and plan out our 2017. The plans have been laid and as I desired, for massive transformation next year.

But, I have to admit…

Something just wasn’t sitting right with me. Something was missing.

And just a couple of weeks ago, that something was revealed…

The transformation isn’t just about me.


At least once a week someone asks me about the massive transformation that has taken place in my life

You see, in just the last couple of years my life has changed dramatically.

I went from working to generate 6 figures a year to generating 6 figures a month.

I went from working 10 hour days to build my business to working much much less while generating more revenue AND helping more people in a bigger way.

I went from not many people knowing my name to having a #1 Best Selling Book that even today still sells THOUSANDS of copies a month and being featured on Fox Business, CNBC, Harpers Bazaar and Huffington Post (and thats just naming a few)


True success is about a whole lot more than money

In the last 20 months I’ve also relinquished the belief that you can’t have a successful business AND have a successful relationship. I opened myself up to love and am thrilled to say that I’m in a loving relationship with a man that fully supports my desires.

I have truly embodied the definition of freedom. I have time freedom, lifestyle freedom AND financial freedom.

I homeschool my son AND we travel the world extensively, exploring new places and soaking up other cultures.

Life really is what we make it and I’m a living, breathing, walking example of that.


I am bringing ONE person with me on this ride of transformation in 2017. Will it be you?


Spending 15 months with me, side by side in a private mentorship program where you discover the in’s and outs of true transformation. Not just financially but mentally, spiritually and physically.

BECOMING the woman you truly desire to be

Having the clients you truly desire that GLADLY pay you what you desire

Working LESS while serving more and in a way that feels like EASE to you and in flow with the way you desire to work.

Relinquishing yourself of old belief systems that hold you back from the things you truly desire (money, love, health, etc) and replacing them with beliefs that support where you’re going AND gets you there quickly


Imagine shrinking the timeline and getting everything you desire faster than you ever thought possible… Imagine Quantum Leaping

What if you could make a million PLUS in 2017?

What if you could call in the love of your life?

What if you could go from being over stressed to truly enjoying life and all thats in it?

What if you could start loving your body?

What if you could have the most amazing, supportive relationships with other A players like yourself whom push you to greatness?

What if you could discover why women who have the most amazing sex life ever also are open to making the most money in their business? Seriously…. the better sex I have the better business is!

What if you knew the why and how the things that you THINK hold you back are actually the things that springboard you to success (like being a single parent, a minority or even having a disability)?

What if you could PERMANENTLY break the bad habits you’ve been trying to rid yourself of for year?

And what if you could do it all over the next 15 months?


You can have this and so much more and it doesn’t have to take forever to get itStephanie-1

I am opening the doors to my life to ONE rockstar over the next 15 months in my Million Dollar Year Apprenticeship Program.

Nothing is off limits

I mean nothing.

As we build your million dollar business



Are you ready for business AND life transformation?

On top of extensive time spent on personal life transformation and mastery, I’ll be pulling the curtains back on everything business.

You’ll discover:

  • How I went from working 10 hour days 5 days a week to working with clients 1 day a week for 6 hours so I’m able to work less while having a bigger impact… and you can too if thats what you desire
  • How I have 3 day weekends regularly and one week vacation a month… and you can too if thats what you desire
  • How to out source THE RIGHT people who fully supports the big vision that you have for your company and will be HAPPY to help you achieve your goals
  • The systems that I use day in and day out that leaves me with a waiting list of clients ready NOW for transformation
  • The key to coaching MASTERY so you can make the biggest impact on your clients in the shortest amount of time
  • How you can be featured in some of the biggest publications, not just business publications but NATIONAL house hold publications that your ideal client reads
  • Your personal wealth creation plan so that you’re prepared for what the future holds

And thats only a small piece of what we will be doing together


This is for you IF:

You’re sick and tired of “waiting” for something to change. You know that you’re ready NOW for that change

You know you’re being called to do more, be more, have more and lead more

You understand that THIS IS WORK. Its not given to you, you’ve truly got to do the work

You have the skills, you simply need someone to help point you in the direction you desire to go and let you know what pitfalls to avoid, when and how while setting you up for success simultaneously



How this all works

  • 15 months private mentorship… Yep its just us for a little over a full year where we will meet as little as we can while giving you the MAXIMUM result possible. A key part of this program is you learning how to get the MOST possible in as little amount of time as possible.
  • 2 Day private VIP Kickoff Experience with me in Las Vegas, Nevada in Jan Dec/Jan 2017. Yep. you’re coming to Las Vegas where you’ll spend 2 amazing days in Luxury as we iron out your plan for the year both personally AND professionally, getting clear on what you want, why and the game plan to get there. And I am covering your fabulous suite!
  • 2 two day VIP Sessions in the most beautiful destinations in the world. Think Spring Time in Italy (one of my favorite places) while we work 1:1 to ensure you’re on path to the goal at hand and creating the new one for the next quarter.
  • 1 Closing Ceremony 2 day VIP Retreat in London where we will toast to all that you’ve accomplished during The Million Dollar Year
  • Unlimited Access to me for 15 months: I am literally only a phone call away when you need personal or business coaching over the course of our time together. Accountability is the most important thing on your path to success. I’m here for you!
  • Check in’s the first 3 weeks of every month to ensure you are on track to the plan that we lay out for you and to course correct if need be. On this call we will cover both personal and business mastery
  • Wealth Consciousness Trainings and Assignments to ensure that you’re consistently building your wealth blueprint and are in the position to receive all that you desire within your business
  • Access to all of Stephanie Synclair Inc and Iconic Business Academy VIRTUAL AND LIVE EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS
  • Introductions to my Public Relations Team to ensure that you get the best features possible for you and your brand

And this is just the beginning. ANYTHING that you need to ensure your success in The Million Dollar Year is yours.



By the end of the Million Dollar Year

You’ll have the business AND life that you thought was only possible 10 plus years down the line

You’ll be connected with some of the most AMAZING people on the planet who are doing amazing things in this world.

Money… and plenty of it because the amount of money in your account is a direct reflection of the work that you do in the world and you are making a MAJOR difference

You’ll have a brand that easily attracts the tribe that loves you for the quirky, weird individual you are who has never fit in… but doesn’t need to

You’ll look and feel better than you ever thought possible

If you’re single, expect your love life to flourish and if you’re married, imagine how much better life AND SEX can get

Better relationships with your children, friends, family, etc

A total life transformation…one unrecognizable from the woman you are today

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the transformation that can happen in the Million Dollar year as it is customized to you and your unique needs and abilities. But what I can tell you, is if you walk side by side with me over the next year YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE



The fact is

This is not for everyone.

If you need pampering, constant validation and approval and love the blame game, The Million Dollar Year is NOT for you.

Its for A players ready to make a major difference in this world NOW.

Those ready to throw away all the excuses and step into what is TRULY possible.

Those ready to conquer those demons of belief so they can uncover the world of what really is…

Those ready to live the most amazing life NOW, not 10 years from now


My guarantee

Earlier today I read a post from a friend of mine that said

“My stuff works 100% of the time.

For 100% of the people.

Who apply it 100%.”

And thats my promise to you.

15 months from now, you won’t recognize the person you are today because you’ll BE the person that you desire to become


The investment

I know the first thing you think of is the financial investment but thats not it. You MUST be willing to give up the who that you are today

The thoughts and beliefs

The excuses

The blame game

All of which has held you back today.

That cost is heavy. And not everyone is ready for it.

The financial investment is 100k (payments available)

If you’re ready to truly embody the woman that you desire to be 5/10 years from now, ready to truly say “yes” to you, your dreams and your desires, apply for the Million Dollar Year Apprenticeship today

(Because I can only take one person, there is an application process)

You ready?

Lets do this

Apply here