Gift 1: Dream Clients On Demand

It’s my entrepreneur anniversary!!!!!! {Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Experts} This month marks 7 years since I quit my corporate position and went off on my own to start a business. Since then, I have gone on to build a 7 figure coaching company that allows me to travel the globe while running my business that fully supports the lifestyle that…

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7 years in the Game

Can we do a dance? Because this month makes 7 years since I walked away from a cushy position in marketing and stepped 100% into full time entrepreneurship. Until this point, I have never celebrated because lets be clear… Many can make 1 year, 3 years etc but very few make 7 years. Its seriously a HUGE accomplishment and I…

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Full Time Employee to Full Time Entrepreneur: Here’s How

Being an entrepreneur is no small feat… dare I even say that it isn’t easy. I am fortunate enough to have hated my job enough that I was willing to jump off the cliff with no parachute, in search of a dream. Fortunately that parachute opened. But, what if you aren’t in the same position? What if you’re working your…

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Massive Expansion and Uplevel for Li

    Don’t let her seeming quietness fool you… She is definitely a “savage” when it comes to business… creating goal and meeting them with a bang and no apologies. Li Lin is a career coach for immigrants and when she came to me in November of last year her business looked nothing like it looks today. She came with…

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List building, bullshit and what they have in common

List building…. I remember when I was first introduced to this industry, this was the word that was reoccurring day in and day out. Now, if you don’t know, list building is the act of getting prospects to sign up for your email list and its a HUGE focus in the expert industry as well as most internet marketing businesses.…

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One Of my Most Favorite Podcast Interviews from 2015

I am interviewed often. Seriously, there are at least 2-3 podcast interviews a month. Some are amazing as far as chemistry with the host and other are…. not. I thought it would be fun to share with you the podcast from 2015 that really allowed me to open up and share some things that I’d never shared with a sole……

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Fuck Launching

FUCK LAUNCHING: I learned pretty quickly that the traditional launch path was not and is not my path. The stress. The feast or famine…. I’m just not built for that shit. What I AM built for though, is consistent revenue, knowing that week after week, I’m signing new clients ready to change their lives. I created my own step by…

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Davina Quit Her Job as a Dentist to Coach Fulltime

Check out Davina’s amazing story below and be sure to connect with her I’ve never really hated Mondays, but I wish I would have. You know how much easier it is to make a decision when you hate something? Its like if a dish has sour cream, its a Hell No for me…I wont even touch it. But if a…

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The Ultimate Way to Attract Clients and Customers

Client Attraction is my specialty. Seriously, I love EVERYTHING about it. Since a small child, I’ve been interested in what makes people tick. Why do they follow certain brands more closely than others? Why do some build “cult” like followings while others struggle to get even one person to follow them? It became my personal life mission to discover the…

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Obsessed with Street Art in Bushwick

I have been asked for the last few months to start blogging a bit about my travels and I am finally pulling the trigger and making it happen. After 3 weeks in New York City, Im finally sharing the behind the scenes of a day in the life. I have a LOT more to share, such as behind the scenes…

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