"Empowering a woman to step up in their life and business, transform the lives of others and make great money in the process, all while being authentically who they are....now THAT is Iconic!" ~Stephanie Synclair

Unlike other entrepreneur groups and societies, we are devoted solely to women entrepreneurs ready NOW to step into their ICONIC selves in order to build their ICONIC businesses that attract customers and clients.

She's Iconic™ founder Stephanie Synclair believes that women entrepreneurs have needs unique to their counterparts. "As women, we are more than entrepreneurs. We are wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends as well as entrepreneurs. We aren't willing to let any of those other things fall away in order to build our businesses." THIS is why Stephanie created the She's Iconic™ Movement. "Because we really are", says Stephanie "It truly takes an Icon to balance all the things that we do as successful women entrepreneurs"

Stephanie, a single mother and sole provider of her family built her business from $21 to the global phenomenon that it has become. Stephanie has coached, consulted and mentored thousands of clients globally and she continues to do through her private mentorship at StephanieSynclair.com all while traveling the world, writing multiple books, speaking on stage and now running She's Iconic™